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31 Jan 2019

Business presents Ambition 2030 proposals

Only a strong EU can respond to global challenges

Business Ambition 2030 – A Europe with opportunities for all -

Today in Rome, Europe’s umbrella organisation for employers and industry, BusinessEurope and its Italian member federation Confindustria presented the European business community’s “Ambition for 2030 – A Europe with opportunities for all”. This is the first of a series of activities that BusinessEurope is taking ahead of the European elections in May 2019. The Ambition recalls the great achievements of the EU, looks at the serious challenges we currently face and explains how European business is committed to transforming them into opportunities for European citizens. Business stands ready to play its role in defending our European way of life.

At the press conference in Rome BusinessEurope President Pierre Gattaz said: “The European project brought us 70 years of peace and prosperity. This is a great achievement but it isn’t sufficient anymore for today’s challenges. European business believes we need a stronger European Union to remain in the driving seat at global level and shape the direction of change according to our values. We must maintain our ground towards giants like the US and China. The EU must strongly invest into digital technology, innovation, skills and the circular economy. And we need to work further on achieving an EU that is economically cohesive and socially inclusive, a Europe with opportunities for all its citizens. To reach these objectives we need more Europe – not less. This is the clear and common view of the millions of entrepreneurs and companies all over Europe that BusinessEurope represents”.

Confindustria President Vincenzo Boccia said: "Unity is key because no Member State on its own is able to face the global challenges that concern Europeans. As entrepreneurs, we want to contribute to build a Europe that becomes a winning model for creating jobs and doing business. This will be possible by stimulating public and private investments, in order to complete the material and immaterial transnational infrastructures, to support research and innovation, and to encourage training and education. These are the tools to achieve cohesion, relaunch competitiveness and maintain the European excellence in global markets. We are ready to do our part because Europe is our home and represents our present and our future.”

Please read the Ambition for the European Union in 2030. In this paper we set out what is needed to create the right conditions to enhance competitiveness and enable business to play its role in society.


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