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31 Jan 2019

What are Europeans’ priorities at the next EU Elections?

What are Europeans’ priorities at the next EU Elections?

Since 1973, European Institutions conducts the Eurobarometer poll twice a year. This survey addresses analyses a wide variety of topical issues relating to the European Union throughout its member states, with a specific attention to European citizens’ attitudes and opinions on the European Union and on its Institutions.

These polls focus on the perception and the expectations of EU citizens towards the main issues Europe is confronted with: data show a detailed framework of the evolution of public opinion on European issues, and have been researched both at the Member states national level and according to specific socio-demographic characteristics.  

Several might be the challenges which Europe is undergoing: immigration, food (in)security, challenges to democracy and human rights, terrorism. Do Europeans think the same, when relating to the 2019 elections?

This latter has been the focus of the latest Eurobarometer commissioned by Parliament in April 2018 on 27.601 citizens of 28 Member states: six are the main topics highlighted by EU citizens. These topics are perceived as sensitive and overriding and should, according to respondents, be at the core of the electoral campaign for 2019.   

So, what do Europeans want from the Union? Here some spoilers:

  • Italians are worried by immigration (66%), while neighbouring Greeks care about employment, with a striking 81%;

  • the French are the most concerned by terrorist attacks (60%): this is not surprising as France has been heavily targeted by terrorist attacked in recent years;

  • Northerners are those who mostly care about the environment (all above 50%): the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark and Finland have indicated environmental conservation and climate change as the most pressing issue for Parliament. In fact, in these countries temperatures have been rising over the last year with an unprecedented pace.

What are the most important issues for you? European elections are in just few months, play our quiz and find out what political party best represents your view!