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Center for Studies in Political Ideas (CeSIP)
The Center for Studies in Political Ideas (CeSIP) is a non-profit organization which emerged from the initiative of a handful of MA and PhD students from within SNSPA Bucharest (National University of Political Studies and Public Administration). CeSIP encourages and coordinates the development of research projects – individual or collective – in the domain of social and political science, at the same time offering opportunities for publishing said projects in academic papers. The emphasis on critical thinking plays a key role here and represents a cornerstone of this association, with the purpose of helping students adjust their relationship with knowledge and professors. The transition from the communist regime towards democracy has not been successful in Romania, at least from a civil society point of view – our society isn’t comprised of responsible citizens willing to contribute to its well-being and proper functioning. The lack of democratic spirit reveals the profound non-participative culture we live in, which directly impacts the quality of government and elected officials. What CeSIP proposes to achieve is a contribution and support in this regard, providing incentive for students and the whole academic community to participate in the public affairs of Romanian society. In other words, our association aims to be a „bridge” between universities and society. http://cesip.eu/en/

1 Should there be a tax on companies that use robots, as a way to support the social security system?

2 Should the EU introduce stricter rules on the privacy of online communication (with potential implications for the growth of digital businesses)?

3 Should the EU financially support whistleblowers, who denounce wrongdoings by disclosing confidential information of companies and public bodies?

4 Should verbal abuse related to gender identity and sexual orientation be punished by means of criminal law (with potential implications for freedom of expression)?

5 Should asylum seekers be redistributed across EU countries on the basis of a quota system?

6 Should EU countries be allowed to reintroduce border controls within the Schengen area?

7 Should the European Union introduce penalties for the EU Member States that do not follow EU rules on the treatment of animals?

8 Should EU policymakers support a quicker phase-out of fossil fuels subsidies?

9 Should policymakers set higher targets to reduce methane emissions (which are mostly generated by fossil fuels production and livestock farming)?

10 Should the EU levy a tax on plastic and single-use items to fund the EU budget, as a way to restrict their usage?

11 Should a common minimum corporate tax rate of at least 20% be introduced in the EU?

12 Should there be a European authority empowered to enforce fiscal compliance?

13 Should a tax on financial activities fund the EU budget?

14 Should there be a bigger increase in the EU’s multi-annual budget for the period 2021-2027?

15 Should the EU spend more money to support small farmers against volatility of agricultural prices?

16 Should the EU institutions promote renegotiations of government debt in the most indebted countries?

17 Should the EU introduce common rules on minimum income, which would likely force some Member States to increase their minimum income levels?

18 Should policymakers take stronger measures to restrict the use of temporary work contracts?

19 Should the EU financially sanction countries found to be violating EU principles on rule of law?

20 Should a majority of national parliaments get the power to veto EU legislation?

21 Should the European Defence Union ultimately lead to the establishment of a European Armed Forces?

22 Should the EU pursue closer trade relations with the United States?

23 Should the EU end its policy of economic sanctions against Russia?

24 Should EU policymakers take measures to limit China’s exports into the EU market?

25 Should the EU support the recognition of Palestine statehood and the two-state solution?

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