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New Europeans AISBL
New Europeans is a civil rights organisation which champions freedom of movement, non-discrimination and the principle of solidarity in Europe. We began from the experience of mobile EU citizens who have found a home in another EU member state but often face unfair and unequal treatment despite their EU citizenship rights. As Europeans we recognise our responsibilities to non-EU nationals, both those living within the territory of the EU and those who seek to come to Europe as migrants or as refugees. We believe in a Europe of equality and diversity. This means a Europe without discrimination on the grounds of race, religion, gender or sexual orientation and in which the gains from economic integration are distributed fairly. New Europeans is a platform which gives European citizens and non-EU citizens a voice in local communities, at regional and national level and in the continuing Europe-wide debate about the challenges we face in Europe in the twenty-first century. We believe that European co-operation and integration is a fact of life in a global economy and the only way for Europe to maintain its influence in the world and meet the needs of its citizens. We do not take a position about the form that this cooperation and integration should take but rather seek to provide opportunities for citizens to engage directly in the ongoing public debate about the future construction of Europe. New Europeans discharges its mission through: * setting up local and regional branches and networks across Europe for individual members; * developing corporate membership and affiliations to support the work of New Europeans; * campaigning for the civil rights and empowerment of mobile EU citizens, migrants (i.e. people who move to Europe from outisde the EU) and refugees; * undertaking research and developing an academic network focussed on European identity and citizenship issues, developments in the European Union and Europe's place in the world; * setting up business forums to draw on and learn from the experience of entrepreneurs from SMEs owned or run by mobile EU citizens, migrants or refugees; * outreach programmes (usually grant-funded, partnership projects) to mobile European citizens, migrants and refugees; * publications aimed at empowering mobile EU citizens, migrants and refugees; * advocacy through the institutions of the European Union, including the European Economic and Social Committee, the European Commission, the European Parliament, and national parliament's Scrutiny Committees * partnerships with organisations that share our core values and support our mission (on a reciprocal basis). https://neweuropeans.net/
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