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08 Mar 2019

Climate and energy

We call on the European Union to step up their efforts in becoming a global leader in climate mitigation policies by turning into a green superpower that can inspire other countries in their transition to low-carbon and sustainable economies and societies. To ensure successful transition to sustainable and environment friendly economy, JEF is advocating for the following policies:

  1. Circular economy: we call on both businesses and governments to make a  transition to the circular economy: a model according to which goods are designed to be recycled to maximise the use of materials already extracted from the ground.
  2. Decarbonisation of economy: it is essential to reinvent our carbon intensive infrastructures. We call on governments to develop and deploy new and innovative low-carbon technologies that help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, with support from the European level investment.
  3. Green mainstreaming: in order to tackle the overarching challenge of climate change, we call for the "green economy thinking" to be integrated into all policies and measures from urban planning, transport and energy to education and research.
  4. European investment: EU funding should prioritise green investment and should ensure adequate investment into innovation and technologies in order to achieve climate neutral economy across the world.
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