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08 Mar 2019


1. We strongly advocate for establishing common European standards for assistance and integration services for migrants across the Union, financed on the European level, as only European solutions will contribute to an orderly and humane management of migration that can benefit all, therefore overcoming any current European regulation on the matter. This includes equal and high standards for rapid processing of asylum requests, housing, welfare provisions and integration support such as language classes, psychological support, recognition of professional and academic degrees and measures aimed at including migrants in the formal economic sector.

2. We call for the EU to establish safe and legal channels for refugees and migrants, and to set common rules for a balanced return policy, for issuing humanitarian visas to refugees and for the establishment of common asylum offices in third countries, using, for example, the capacity EU delegations.

3. We call on the EU to continue to work with countries of origin in order to create peace, stability and to support such countries’ sustainable economic development leading to a reduction in the number of people forced to or choosing to leave such counties to come to Europe.

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