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08 Mar 2019

Security and defence

European Union is a crucial player in the multilateral world older, but until now it has been speaking in different voices of Member States. Closer defence integration is also needed as it would bring more security for European citizens, more stability at the EU borders, more efficient military spending, and a stronger voice for the EU at global level.

We call for:

  • EU needs to step up as a truly global actor with one strong voice on the main global challenges: it should also strive to obtain a permanent seat at the Security Council of the United Nations, as this way EU would be able to contribute to a cooperative multilateral order as a single entity.
  • The EU to take more coherent approach to defense policy moving beyond intergovernmental cooperation, with creating a fully fledged European Security and Defense Union. A strong European defence would complement and strengthen NATO, leading to a more robust and balanced transatlantic relation and a better effectiveness of NATO in the regions bordering the European Union.
  • EU defence integration to be fully democratic and accountable. The European Parliament should be fully involved in defence matters, starting by upgrading the subcommittee on Security and Defence to a fully-fledged committee. A Council configuration of Defence Ministers should be created and chaired by the High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, while moving from unanimity to qualified majority voting.
  • All Member States to be incentivised to cooperate in the field of Research and Development, through swift approval of the European Defence Fund proposal.
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