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08 Mar 2019

Transparency and accountability of European institutions

Any democratic system is based on the principle of accountability, where the governmental officials - both elected and appointed by those who have been elected - are responsible to citizens for their decisions and actions in public office. Accountability and transparency are essential for the functioning of any democracy, be in on a local, national or transnational level.

Against this background, the European Union needs institutional reform, that will ensure more accountability and transparency of the decisions taken on the European level. JEF Europe has long been calling for the reform of the European institutions, where:

  • The European Commission should become a fully fledged Executive accountable to the European Parliament. Commission’s accountability should involve the possibility for the EP to impeach a single Commissioner, contrary to current structure where only the whole Commission can be rejected by the Parliament. The European Commission should also reduce the number of Commissioners, structuring the College based on the priorities of a mandate, and not on the nationality of every Commissioner.
  • The decisions in the Council of the European Union should be taken by qualified majority in cases where they are now taken by unanimity (taxation, defence, etc) with the equal power of the European Parliament to legislate in these fields.
  • The European Council should only ensure general political guidance, and not be involved in taking decisions or legislating on behalf of the EU.
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