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08 Mar 2019

Spitzenkandidat (Lead Candidate)

Lead Candidate (“Spitzenkandidaten” in German) is a process in the elections to the European Parliament, where each European political party family chooses a candidate to lead their campaign. After the elections, the lead candidate that can obtain a majority in the European Parliament, either through an absolute majority of its party family or a negotiated political coalition in the European Parliament is nominated as the President of the European Commission.

We stand firmly in favour of maintaining the system of the Lead Candidate for the nomination of the Commission President as It allows to create a link between the outcome of the elections in the European Parliament, and a nomination of what should be the head of European government. Such a process is more transparent and more democratic, as the citizens get a more direct say in who will be the head of the European Commission.

To make Spitzenkandidaten system truly European, we call for:

  1. The Lead Candidate to engage with its voters all over Europe, not only within their constituency
  2. The Lead Candidate to promote a European, not a national, agenda during and after the election
  3. The establishment of the transnational lists where and voters are able to cast their vote for a candidate running in the European wide constituency
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