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28 Sep 2018

YourVoteMatters Officially Launched!

YourVoteMatters Officially Launched!

Our platform for democratic participation in the 2019 elections has been officially launched at ECAS’ State of the Union Citizens’ Rights conference; 

On Tuesday 25th of September, at ECAS’ State of the Union Citizens’ Rights event 2018, we have presented YouVoteEU to the public.

Riparte il Futuro Project Manager Priscilla Robledo and VoteWatch Director Doru Frantescu presented the platform to the audience highlighting the importance to connect MEPs and citizens in the next European elections. We believe our platform is an important tool as it brings citizens and civil society organisations in the political discussion and empowers them to shape the dialogue in the next European elections. It enhances the accountability and the transparency of the candidates in the electoral process, and allows citizens to vote on fully informed decisions. 

We have also presented our brand new Match your vote quiz tool, thanks to which you will be able to see which candidate, national parties and EU political groups best represent your views and political ideas. As you will see, the platform includes also the positions on the same issues of registered civil society organisations and opinion leaders, so that you can look at their views and get a more comprehensive understanding on the key topics of European Union politics. The quiz is featured on Politico EU 2019 Elections’ section too!

In the following weeks of October, the portal will be presented in Athens (Greece), Warsaw (Poland), L’Aquila (Italy). If you are interested in organising a presentation of our project at your event, or to feature our quiz on your website, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will be happy to follow up!